The Finnish Eight Metre Class welcomes you with open arms

International Eight Metre class (often called "Eights" or 8mR) is a construction class. Boats are all designed to meet specific "International Rule" measurement formula. Before WW II Eights were the most prestigious international yacht racing class, and they are still actively raced around the world.

In Finland the "Eight metre" class is very much alive. With 12 racing boats Finland has one of the biggest fleets of Eights in the world and the HSS Yachtclub holds the worlds biggest fleet of Eights; 9 boats.

Many international boats join the Finnish Regatta series of 6-8 regattas every summer. Especially Russian and Swedish eights, but also other nationalities who usually choose the biggest fleet in the world to practise for the Worlds or European Championship.

If you are thinking of joining, either with your boat or as a sailor, give a call or send an email to one of the Board members. For interested potential new boat owners a test sailing could be arranged as well.

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FEMA Board

Max Nordlund
+358 44 561 3531

Hasse Karlsson
+358 40 519 5247

Markus Roschier
+358 400 447876

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